About Us

PT. Suryamas Cipta Sentosa is a stationery manufacture company from Indonesia based in
Jakarta. We start our business since year 2007, and PT. Suryamas Cipta Sentosa is a sister company of PT. Sumari Karya Global which is a distribution company for GREEBEL brand stationery products.

GREEBEL brand is a welknown stationery brand in Indonesia. Our distribution is all over Indonesia whole seller and retail market. And until today GREEBEL brand is the only one Indonesia local brand which can compite with other world wide stationery brand in quality, brand awearness, and service.

PT. Suryamas Cipta Sentosa’s aims are to serving people and responbility with environment.
To serving people, PT. Suryamas Cipta Sentosa always produce good quality products with
competitive price. And for responbility to environment, PT. Suryamas Cipta Sentosa always use

evironment friendly raw material. Because what we do today, we are always thinking about our next genaration.

We produce Oil Pastels, Erasers and Ball Pens. Our products are using high quality raw
material and eco friendly material. Our products are also passed international standard EN 71 and ASTM.

Our experience in Indonesia local market bring us very good experience. Since we are strong
in our local market and our brand is well accepted in Indonesia market, now we open oppurtunity to welcome world wide customer to work together with us as a partner and try our service quality.

And we will work together step by step to win the business challenges. And Our moto is our
customer win is our win. So we will treat our customer good service, high quality products and
competitive price. So our customer can win in this global market.

Why choosing us :

1. Since we start our business 2007, we are developing our GREEBEL brand in Indonesia

market, so we have long experience to make good quality products and good service to our


2. Our company is a creative company, so we are the partner for the creative costumer

3. We can support our customers with consistently good quality products with competitive

price. Please welcome 